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We help new and aspiring agilists develop an agile mindset, enhance their servant leadership skills, and successfully implement agile values and principles within their teams and organizations.

We offer:

  • Compelling keynote presentations: Captivating keynote speeches filled with powerful stories, practical insights and actional strategies.

  • Customized workshops and seminars: Whether you're looking to boost your team's morale, enhance leadership skills or foster a culture of innovation, we offer customized workshops and seminars tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

  • Exclusive articles and case studies to support ongoing growth and development.

Public Speaker/Servant Leadership Mentor
Certified Professional Agile Leader
ICAgile Certified Professional In Agile Coaching
ICAgile Certified Professional
 In Agile Enterprise Coaching

With Leontine Osuagwu

The Pitfalls of Servant Leadership:

10 Mistakes That Can Derail Your Career

In this guide we'll explore 10 common mistakes that servant leaders make that can derail their careers and hinder their effectiveness. Servant leadership is a powerful philosophy, but it's essential to understand potential pitfalls to truly embody its principles and lead with excellence.
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The Scrum Master Bible: The ultimate reference guide that every Scrum Master needs to be successful in their role.


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